Manganous Oxide Powder

MnO powder is most widely used in the fertilizer and animal feed industry. It is also used in various grades in other applications like chemicals, pigments, plant nutrition, pesticides etc. We manufacture the exhaustive list of all grades and powder sizes used by various industries. MnO industry is plagued by poor quality and incorrect testing problems. To overcome this, Siddharth Industries provides XRF testing report for each batch along with best prices to give a competitive advantage to our customers. Heavy metal analysis is also available on request.
Grades available
78-80% MnO Powder (Mn% 60-62)
71-74% MnO Powder (Mn% 55-58)
51-54% MnO Powder (Mn% 40-42)
36-38% MnO Powder (Mn% 28-30)